Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Gah! I have an interview tomorrow for a freelance position! I am super excited about it, seeing as this is what I'd love to do permanently in the future. I cannot believe my excitement actually...so nervous however! What should I wear?! I think I'm leaning towards a red blazer with black high waisted paints! First impressions are everything right? If only I had Blake Lively's closet!
Wish me luck!
Cassie xoxo

Monday, 30 April 2012

Getting Summer Ready

Started P90X today...body is burning! What a great work out. My goal is pretty much to have the Miley Cyrus abs! Seeing as my body is jello right now it's a good start!
Cassie xox

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fashion Pick

Right now I cannot believe how obsessed I am with over the knee socks! These socks are just classic in the way of styling up any outfit. They can add flair to a short dress or jazz up a high waist-ed pair of shorts. In my mad obsession, I have bought 4 pairs, all of different shades and patterns. This easy element can quickly change the dynamic of any ensemble. This is definitely my fashion pick of the month of April to warm your feet as well as your knees in the chilly breeze!
Cassie xoxo


Today I watched Sex and the City episodes for the millionth time and I cannot get over how much I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. I would just die to write for the New York Star, live in that beautiful apartment, have that stylish lifestyle and have a ridiculous love like hers with Mr.Big.
As the hunt for freelance writing this summer is on, I am just striving to grab any opportunities that come my way! I can't wait for a lifestyle of amazing words and sunny days. This summer is going to be the best yet!
Hopefully my dream to live like Carrie Bradshaw can come true soon!
Cassie xoxo

First Post

this is my very first post on my blog ever! so very excited to get started!
hope you enjoy my blog:)
cassie xo